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Climbing up onto your roof can be dangerous, and it can also damage your roof and gutters if you aren’t working with the right equipment. Our team has the expertise to provide comprehensive gutter cleaning.

At Grandview Window & Gutter Cleaning, we use ladders with stabilizers, which allow us to place the ladder against your roof, rather than your gutters. Addition to the stabilizers, we have installed levelers on all of our ladders. With the levelers we can set up our ladders safely on uneven ground. The levelers and stabilizers on our ladders ensure our safety while protecting your property.

Grandview providing residential gutter cleaning services.Gutter full of leaves needing a good gutter cleaning.A gutter that has been half cleaned.

We remove any debris and flush the whole gutter system, including downspouts. We will also inspect gutters and downspouts to note any repairs that may be needed.

Grandview Window & Gutter Cleaning recommends a spring and fall gutter cleaning routine. For some customers, our gutter guard protection services may be a cost-effective solution.

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What our customers have to say!

They came out and gave us an estimate the same day we called. We got on their schedule for the next week and they came the day they said they would. Their bill was actually cheaper than their original estimate. Best of all the next time it rained water wasn't spilling over our gutters!

- Susie L.

Very happy with the entire experience. Received an estimate right away and scheduled the appointment. They were even early and completed the job and cleaned up afterwards. We had some gutter concerns and Michael was very knowledgeable and professional, The cleaning did not take as much time as estimated so the bill came in under the estimate. How often does that happen? Would highly recommend Grandview.

- Jeanne D.

Benefits of our regular gutter cleaning services

  • Protects your home from water damage - Clogged downspouts and debris in gutters cause water to fill and then overflow your gutters. This will cause damage to your fascia and basement foundation. Leading to a leaking basement and rotten fascia boards.
  • Eliminates nesting and breeding grounds for pests - Mosquitoes and other insects love using clogged gutters for a breeding ground. Rats, mice and birds use gutters full of debris as nesting grounds.
  • Prevents destruction of landscaping - Overflowing gutters wash out mulch and plants.
  • Extends the lifespan of your gutters - Debris sitting in your gutters will cause your gutters to sag or even worse detach from the fascia board. Uncleaned gutters will also cause rusting or corrosion, shorting the life of your gutters.
  • Enhances the beauty and value of your home - Gutters are a prominent feature of your home. Neglected gutters may fall off, and their overflow will stain the outside of your gutters. Gutter gardens are unsightly and show irresponsibility!
  • Extends the lifespan of your roof - Clogged gutters trap ice during the winter, adding unnecessary weight and stress to your roof. Decomposing debris forms an organic matter which tree seedlings and other plants thrive in. These seedlings and other plants can cause damage to your roof shingles.

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